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We exist to help
senior leadership teams
execute strategy effectively.

The problem


of employees have no clear line of sight between their tasks and corporate goals


of employees couldn't correctly identify their corporate strategy


of middle managers couldn't name one of their company's top five priorities

'How Strategy Can Fuel Or Frustrate Your Big Data Initiatives', Brent Dykes, 2016

400 global CEOs found that executional excellence was the number one challenge facing corporate leaders…heading a list of some 80 issues, including innovation, geopolitical instability, and top-line growth.


Harvard Business Review, 2015

 the #1 issue that causes delays, implementation failures in general, employee angst, and customer ire is failures of cross-functional communication and integration.


Tom Peters, ‘The Excellence Dividend’, 2018


The business impact

Uncoordinated activity across silos

Confusion on business priorities

Back-to-back ineffective meetings

Consistent 'fighting fires' tempo

Poor untimely decisions

Business friction

What we do

Albany Peak is a business consultancy focused on strategy execution. Cohesive Senior Leadership Teams (SLTs), who work together effectively, are the key to unlocking excellent business execution: both in their interaction and how they lead their own teams through the business.


We help SLTs foster high performance in the organisation, effectively cascading the methodology down leadership levels - engaging and empowering staff. This results in high alignment and high autonomy through the business, affording leaders at every level the time, space and freedom to focus on their ‘up and out’ rather than fighting the daily ‘down and in’ fires. The right people are focused on the right problems, diaries are clearer, meetings are fewer and more effective. Things get done. The organisation moves forward.


How we do it

Partnering with SLTs, we focus on three key areas:

Gaining strategic clarity and alignment on business activity

Fostering high performing behaviours in teams and as leaders

Embedding adaptable execution through a performance review and realignment methodology

Our programmes combine team workshops and performance review sessions, 1-to-1 coaching and adventurous outdoor team experiences.

Who we work best with

You’re the CEO/MD or member of an SLT, focused on long-term sustainable performance (over quarterly shareholder returns). You believe your people are the key to fulfilled clients who in turn drive revenue, EBITDA and stakeholder value.

The following frustrations resonate with you:​​

Divergent effort across functions

Lack of accountability and ownership

Unwillingness to make decisions 

Lurching from urgent problem to urgent problem

Lack of time for 'up and out' strategic thinking

Days filled with unproductive meetings

Low staff morale and retention difficulties


Clients our Principals have supported

"In the 16 months since we completed the programme our Senior Leadership Team has developed into a high performing strategic unit with effective decision-making skills and accountability in all departments. The old ‘silo mentality’ that used to hold us back has been replaced with a ‘one team’ ethos that has permeated down through the various layers of management.


We have seen major improvements in time management, meeting effectiveness, clarity of thinking, confidence of individuals, leadership behaviours, culture and general performance. I can honestly say this has been the best programme of my 35-year career in construction and would highly recommend Dom and Albany Peak to any company seeking to improve performance."

Michael K, Construction Director, McLaughlin & Harvey


 How we work

Senior leadership teams

Change is best driven from the top – initially with a new client, we work exclusively with their SLT. As a second phase, we then assist in cascading the methodology one or two levels down the organisation.

Long-term partnership

We work with clients over an 18-24 month minimum to assist embedding of behaviours and achieve a tangible ROI. We are not a ‘one and done’ leadership training consultancy.

Proactive implementation

We work with clients who are serious about improving performance. This is an investment in time beyond the programmed days and requires commitment from the whole SLT for successful implementation.

We used to accept, for instance, that leaders could be either great visionaries or great operators. No longer. Companies now need their top people to
perform both roles – to be strategic executors, in other words.

Harvard Business Review, 2022
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